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Uniformly continuous implies equicontinuous

To browse Academia. Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Download Free PDF. Kreyszig - Introductory Functional Analysis with Applications. Cornetero Apag Download PDF. A short summary of this paper. Its development started about eighty years ago, and nowadays functional analytic methods and results are important in various fields of mathematics and its applications. The impetus came from linear algebra, linear ordinary and partial differential equations, calculus of variations, approximation theory and, in particular, linear integral equations, whose theory had the greatest effect on the development and promotion of the modern ideas.

Mathematicians observed that problems from different fields often enjoy related features and properties. This fact was used for an effective unifying approach towards such problems, the unification being obtained by the omission of unessential details.

In this respect the abstract method is the simplest and most economical method for treating mathematical systems. Since any such abstract system will, in general, have various concrete realizations concrete modelswe see that the abstract method is quite versatile in its application to concrete situations. It helps to free the problem from isolation and creates relations and transitions between fields which have at first no contact with one another.

In the abstract approach, one usually starts from a set of elements satisfying certain axioms. The nature of the elements is left unspecified. This is done on purpose. The theory then consists of logical consequences which result from the axioms and are derived as theorems once and for all.

This means that in this axiomatic fashion one obtains a mathematical structure whose theory is developed in an abstract way. Those general theorems can then later be applied to various special sets satisfying those axioms.

For example, in algebra this approach is used in connection with fields, rings and groups. In functional analysis we use it in connection with abstract spaces; these are of basic importance, and we shall consider some of them Banach spaces, Hilbert spaces in great detail. We shall see that in this connection the concept of a "space" is used in a very wide and surprisingly general sensc. An abstract space will hc a set of unspecified elements satisfying certain axioms. And by choosing different sets of axioms we shall obtain different types of ahstract spaces.

The idea of using abstract spaces in a systematic fashion goes back to M. Frechet 1 and is justified by its great success. In this chapter we consider metric spaces.

These are fundamental in functional analysis because they playa role similar to that of the real line R in calculus. In fact, they generalize R and have been created in order to provide a basis for a unified treatment of important problems from various branches of analysis. We first define metric spaces and related concepts and illustrate them with typical examples. Special spaces of practical importance are discussed in detail. Much attention is paid to the concept of completeness, a property which a metric space mayor may not have.

Completeness will playa key role throughout the book. Important concepts, brief orientation about main content A metric space cf.

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The metric associates with any pair of elements points of X a distance. The metric is defined axiomatically, the axioms being suggested by certain simple properties of the familiar distance between points on the real line R and the complex plane C.

Basic examples 1.In mathematical analysisa family of functions is equicontinuous if all the functions are continuous and they have equal variation over a given neighbourhoodin a precise sense described herein. In particular, the concept applies to countable families, and thus sequences of functions.

Equicontinuity appears in the formulation of Ascoli's theoremwhich states that a subset of C Xthe space of continuous functions on a compact Hausdorff space Xis compact if and only if it is closed, pointwise bounded and equicontinuous. As a corollary, a sequence in C X is uniformly convergent if and only if it is equicontinuous and converges pointwise to a function not necessarily continuous a-priori.

In particular, the limit of an equicontinuous pointwise convergent sequence of continuous functions f n on either metric space or locally compact space [1] is continuous. If, in addition, f n are holomorphicthen the limit is also holomorphic. The uniform boundedness principle states that a pointwise bounded family of continuous linear operators between Banach spaces is equicontinuous.

Gildas lecoq wikipedia

We shall denote by d the respective metrics of these spaces. The family is pointwise equicontinuous if it is equicontinuous at each point of X. This definition usually appears in the context of topological vector spaces. When X is compact, a set is uniformly equicontinuous if and only if it is equicontinuous at every point, for essentially the same reason as that uniform continuity and continuity coincide on compact spaces.

Used on its own, the term "equiconituity" may refer to either the pointwise or uniform notion, depending on the context. On a compact space, these notions coincide. Some basic properties follow immediately from the definition. Every finite set of continuous functions is equicontinuous. The closure of an equicontinuous set is again equicontinuous. Every member of a uniformly equicontinuous set of functions is uniformly continuousand every finite set of uniformly continuous functions is uniformly equicontinuous.

Suppose that T is a topological space and Y is an additive topological group i. Topological vector spaces are prominent examples of topological groups and every topological group has an associated canonical uniformity. Note that if H is equicontinuous at a point then every map in H is continuous at the point. Clearly, every finite set of continuous maps from T into Y is equicontinuous.In mathematicsa function f is uniformly continuous if, roughly speaking, it is possible to guarantee that f x and f y be as close to each other as we please by requiring only that x and y are sufficiently close to each other; unlike ordinary continuitywhere the maximum distance between f x and f y may depend on x and y themselves.

However, any Lipschitz map between metric spaces is uniformly continuous, in particular any isometry distance-preserving map. Although ordinary continuity can be defined for functions between general topological spaces, defining uniform continuity requires more structure.

The concept relies on comparing the sizes of neighbourhoods of distinct points, so it requires a metric space, or more generally a uniform space. Continuity itself is a local property of a function—that is, a function f is continuous, or not, at a particular point, and this can be determined by looking only at the values of the function in an arbitrarily small neighbourhood of that point. When we speak of a function being continuous on an intervalwe mean only that it is continuous at each point of the interval.

In contrast, uniform continuity is a global property of fin the sense that the standard definition refers to pairs of points rather than individual points. The mathematical statements that a function is continuous on an interval I and the definition that a function is uniformly continuous on the same interval are structurally very similar.

Continuity of a function for every point x of an interval can thus be expressed by a formula starting with the quantification. Every uniformly continuous function is continuousbut the converse does not hold.

Any absolutely continuous function is uniformly continuous. On the other hand, the Cantor function is uniformly continuous but not absolutely continuous. The image of a totally bounded subset under a uniformly continuous function is totally bounded. However, the image of a bounded subset of an arbitrary metric space under a uniformly continuous function need not be bounded: as a counterexample, consider the identity function from the integers endowed with the discrete metric to the integers endowed with the usual Euclidean metric.

The Heine—Cantor theorem asserts that every continuous function on a compact set is uniformly continuous. In particular, if a function is continuous on a closed bounded interval of the real line, it is uniformly continuous on that interval.

uniformly continuous implies equicontinuous

The Darboux integrability of continuous functions follows almost immediately from this theorem. For functions that are not uniformly continuous, this isn't possible. The graph might lie inside the rectangle for certain midpoints on the graph but there are always midpoints of the rectangle on the graph where the function lies above or below the rectangle. There might be midpoints where the graph is completely inside the rectangle but this is not true for every midpoint.

The first published definition of uniform continuity was by Heine inand in he published a proof that a continuous function on an open interval need not be uniformly continuous.

The proofs are almost verbatim given by Dirichlet in his lectures on definite integrals in The definition of uniform continuity appears earlier in the work of Bolzano where he also proved that continuous functions on an open interval do not need to be uniformly continuous. In addition he also states that a continuous function on a closed interval is uniformly continuous, but he does not give a complete proof. For a function between metric spaces, uniform continuity implies Cauchy continuity Fitzpatrick More specifically, let A be a subset of R n.

When can f be extended to a continuous function on all of X? If S is closed in Xthe answer is given by the Tietze extension theorem : always. So it is necessary and sufficient to extend f to the closure of S in X : that is, we may assume without loss of generality that S is dense in Xand this has the further pleasant consequence that if the extension exists, it is unique.

Let us suppose moreover that X is completeso that X is the completion of S. In general, Cauchy continuity is necessary and sufficient for extension of f to the completion of Xso is a priori stronger than extendability to X. It is easy to see that every uniformly continuous function is Cauchy-continuous and thus extends to X.

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Kreyszig - Introductory Functional Analysis with Applications

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Uniform continuity

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uniformly continuous implies equicontinuous

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uniformly continuous implies equicontinuous

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Uniform continuous function explained in Tamil - continuous vs uniform continuous

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